E-mobility for Future, for Clean Environment, for Green Environment, for Cost Effective Mobility


Jayem has developed in house expertise of building e-mobility system.

  • Powertrain System: Critical to the performance of any EV is a thorough understanding of the drive cycle and its performance requirements. We have developed powertrain system including Li-Ion Battery cell integration of different chemistries and its health monitoring and management.
  • Traction System: Traction control plays an important role in vehicle motion control because it can directly enhance drive efficiency, safety, and stability. Our traction system includes single speed very low noise high precision Transmission assembly, very efficient and powerful induction Motor and Motor controlling system with many advanced features.
  • Power Electronics System: Power electronics is becoming more important in the performance and cost of an electric vehicle as conventional powertrains will become obsolete in the near future due to tougher regulations and the ongoing quest for performance improvement including better life and reliability. We have developed Charger, Charge Protection System, Fast Charging System etc.
  • Electrical HVAC system: We have developed very efficient and effective electrical HVAC system which will improve the comforts of the occupants by rapid cooling and warming the cabin.
  • Vehicle information and monitoring system: Our vehicle information and monitoring system consists of Vehicle Control unit and fully programmable LCD base Cluster, displaying the Vehicle information.
  • Remote diagnosing and Connected Car system: GPRS based Telematics enable to connect the car with the Server for remote diagnosing and monitoring the vehicle status. Mobile App will also enable to understand the vehicle condition and control the vehicle.

Our E-mobility system has been developed in such a way that, it can be adopted very easily on to any conventional small and mid-size vehicles. The components and the systems are fully validated with bug free software.
We undertake the vehicle integration as per CMVR requirements.